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City of Thousand Oaks Transit

Type Of Service Provided:

On-Call Consulting Services, Strategic Design Planning, Consumer Communication Programs & Planning, Print, Web Update, Social Media Program

Project Description:

Rebrand TO Transit (TOT) for the purpose of building public awareness, interest and ridership for all services, develop and communicate services offered in partnership with the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) and the East County Transit Alliance (ECTA). Required extensive use of design capabilities and content creation to succinctly organize and visualize complex route and schedule information, maintain website and build social media following for TOT. Also provided support for the Transit Manager to communicate progress for City Council meetings.

Final Outcome Of The Project:

Successful rebranding of services has been well received both internally and by the public. Social media participation/likes/followers across Facebook and Twitter increased four-fold through 2017. TOT was recognized as the 2016 Transportation Agency of the Year from the California Association for Coordinated Transportation, and received the Outstanding Coordination Effort Award for leadership with the ECTA. All work performed within budgets.


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